18 Nov 2013

Armand Marseille 390 A5M

Antique dolls at auction now.
Born in Russia in 1856, Armand (Herman) Marseille was the greatest bisque dollmaker of the nineteenth century. Armand Marseille dolls were produced from roughly 1885 - 1930. The Armand Marseille Doll Company was at the height of the doll making revolution in the 1890's.
Most of the antique Armand Marseille Company's doll heads were made of bisque, and the company supplied doll heads to many other doll companies. Armand Marseille dolls are generally very clearly marked on the back of the bisque head; as an example: Armand Marseille / Germany / 390 / A 5 M or something similar, where 390 is the mold number. Many of the dolls are marked with A M instead of Armand Marseille. The dolls were masterfullt designed with great attention to every detail. The hair, eyelashes and eyeballs were so life-like that that the dolls truly were a work of art and unmatched by any other doll designer at the time.
Antique baby, toddler and dolly faced Armand Marseille dolls generally fall in the $200 to $500 price range, with the exceptions including very large dolls, googlies, rare character dolls (which can cost several thousand dollars) and lady dolls. Below are featured antique Armand Marseille dolls available for sale at auction as well as price values of antique Armand Marseille dolls at recent auctions.

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